Immerse yourself in a captivating project that showcases a collection of stylized photography and design tailored for the indie rock music industry. This compilation highlights promotional materials for two distinct bands, Future West and Osiris, through the creative mediums of graphic design and photography.

Within this project, you’ll discover an array of promotional elements, including mesmerizing album covers, eye-catching posters, captivating social media graphics, dynamic t-shirt designs, captivating logos, vibrant live event photography, and compelling promotional photography. Each piece meticulously crafted using the Adobe Suite, aims to visually represent the essence of the chosen bands.

Future West exudes a classic and mature style, reflected in the sophisticated design elements created for them. On the other hand, Osiris embraces a chaotic and vibrant style, depicted through the energetic and lively visuals designed for the band.

To ensure accuracy in portraying their messages, I collaborated closely with both bands, immersing myself in their style and vibe through discussions and meetings.

Join us on this creative journey as we celebrate the indie rock music scene through visually stunning designs that encapsulate the spirit of Future West and Osiris.


Joan McEnaney:

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