Gas – The Carpool Collective

Welcome to Gas – The Carpool Collective! At Gas, we are driven by a simple question: “How did you get to college this morning?” This question inspired our project as we, being part of the DkIT student body ourselves, understood the challenges of daily transportation. We quickly realized that many students shared the same struggles. Balancing the demands of college with long travel hours can be overwhelming.
To alleviate this burden, we present an innovative solution: Gas, an interactive and informative carpool website. Our platform offers students a creative way to optimize their travel experiences. Gas features a wealth of helpful tips on carpooling etiquette, ensuring that students can carpool efficiently and effectively. Additionally, we organize engaging coffee mornings where students can connect with others facing similar transportation challenges. For further engagement, we provide links to our connected social media accounts.
As you navigate through our website, you’ll encounter Joanna, our friendly mascot, who will guide you with various tips and tricks to address your carpool-related queries.
Join the Gas community today and discover the benefits of carpooling. Together, we can make commuting to college easier, more sustainable, and enjoyable.

Abby Murphy
Aoife Hamiltion
Cian Fanning
Eimear Walsh