Rhythm Strike

Immerse yourself in our rhythm-based VR combat game ‘Rhythm Strike’, set to the vibrant backdrop of future Tokyo. With our neon colour-themed futuristic cityscape, every detail comes to life with our low poly design, giving you an immersive experience.

You assume the role of the protagonist who awakens in a laboratory with cybernetic enhancements and is driven by a quest for liberation. Your mission? Players must sync their movements to the rhythm of the audio beats and progress through the levels. Precision is key as the punches align with the soundtrack.

As you punch your way forward to reach the safe zone at the end of each level with seamless synchronisation between the enemies and beats, every encounter becomes a thrilling test of reflexes and coordination for the player.

Prepare for a journey where your success lies in using rhythmic cues and well-timed strikes, blending captivating beats and low-poly aesthetics. Welcome to the future of gaming, where every move dances to the rhythm of victory.


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Graham Lennon – https://www.linkedin.com/in/graham-lennon-57b9b2116/

Jessica Carroll – http://linkedin.com/in/jessica-carroll-260591218

Man Hin Sy – http://linkedin.com/in/man-hin-sy-13100929a

Minh Phuong Vo – http://linkedin.com/in/riley-w