Immerse yourself in a captivating photography exhibition that tells a narrative of diversity, unity, and the profound connection fostered through music and dance. This exhibition explores the vibrant world of […]


Experience the captivating realm of cyberpunk through Henceforth, a groundbreaking project that creates cyberpunk assets and mesmerizing VJ graphic videos for musicians and DJs. Immerse yourself in a collection of […]

Karl Rennicks

Embrace the beauty of Irish nature and unlock its transformative benefits for mental and physical wellbeing in this enlightening project. Through three captivating episodes, we follow the journeys of diverse […]

Flint Inc.

Flint Inc. presents a captivating video game UI mock-up designed to raise awareness about addiction in video games. Dive into the immersive experience and explore various interactive UI pages while […]


Abhaile showcases captivating photographs that portray the distinctive character and charm of Drogheda. Embark on a visual journey along the River Boyne, from the sea through the town, to immerse […]

Immerse yourself in a captivating project that showcases a collection of stylized photography and design tailored for the indie rock music industry. This compilation highlights promotional materials for two distinct […]

The Maze

Embark on an exhilarating escape VR game as David, a talented young developer, enters his own creation. In the opening scene, he finds himself trapped in the 404-error world, governed […]

Fantasy comic

Enter a captivating fantasy comic that delves into the intricacies of relationships, particularly the bond between a father and daughter. Follow the journey of Lyra, a college student grappling with […]

Fractured Mind

Immerse yourself in a chilling first-person horror game set within the eerie confines of an abandoned hospital. In this project, you assume the role of Patient 0042, who has recently […]


Welcome to Arcana! Arcana is a VR (virtual reality) tarot card experience that provides the user with an interactive and immersive way to educate individuals about the understanding of the […]

Dyslexia Interactive Website

Welcome to the Dyslexia Interactive Website, your go-to resource for comprehensive knowledge on dyslexia. Packed with student interviews, informative infographics, and engaging visuals, this interactive platform offers a wealth of […]

Active Mind

Introducing Active Mind, the ultimate exercise and wellbeing app designed to empower users with five fundamental exercises that are both free and effortless to perform. Additionally, users can explore five […]

OCD Interactive

Step into the world of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) through our captivating capstone project. Offering a first-person perspective, we provide an immersive guide that gives a unique glimpse into the daily […]


Welcome to FIS 2023: Inspiring Innovations! Step into a world where students’ dedication and creativity reach new heights as they come together for a remarkable occasion. This exhibit showcases the […]