Prime XI

This UX project is all about creating a user-friendly and visually appealing UX design for a football app for the team “Prime XI”. This app will be designed to provide […]

The Green Scheme

The Green Scheme: Embark on a journey of sustainability with our interactive website designed specifically for DKIT students. This project aims to enlighten students about the significance of sustainable practices […]


“Moirai” invites participants on a journey of self-discovery through an interactive questionnaire. Derived from the Greek word for “destiny,” this project prompts individuals to reflect on their daily habits and […]

Apocalyptic World

“Apocalyptic World” is a VR game set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic environment where the player assumes the role of the last human on Earth. As the protagonist regains consciousness after […]

Rhythm Strike

Immerse yourself in our rhythm-based VR combat game ‘Rhythm Strike’, set to the vibrant backdrop of future Tokyo. With our neon colour-themed futuristic cityscape, every detail comes to life with […]


Welcome to FIS 2024: Inspiring Innovations! Step into a world where students’ dedication and creativity reach new heights as they come together for a remarkable occasion. This exhibit showcases the […]