The McKenna Clan

The McKenna Clan Our project is to create an AR visual & audio interactive story. The idea of the story is based on our topic “Rituals” and there are two […]

The Empire of Fallere

The Empire of Fallere ‘The Empire of Fallere’ is an interactive audiovisual novel set in a dystopian fantasy world where humans and monsters battle for survival. In this world, the […]


Trá Our project is based on the theme of Childhood Rituals on the beach. Our aim is to transport people back to how they were as children, and to make […]

Witches Hut

Witches Hut This project is an immersive experience for the user. It is essentially an interactive witch’s hut. Users can walk around our exhibit tinkering with different objects that allow […]

Life Changing Experience

Life Changing Experience This project is about the life changing experience of the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns. It will be an interactive documentary that will contain interviews with four people. […]